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As part of Ayushman Bhav Campaign, Weekly Health Mela held across UT Ladakh under NHM, Ladakh.


In a significant stride towards bolstering healthcare initiatives in the Union Territory of Ladakh, a Weekly Health Mela under the nationwide Ayushman Bhav Campaign, was conducted at all H&WCs across UT Ladakh


The Weekly Health Mela, held across UT of Ladakh, showcased an unwavering commitment to enhancing public health and well-being. Key highlights of this health mela included:

Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Screening: Ladakhis benefited from vital health screenings for non-communicable diseases, a crucial step in early detection and intervention to combat prevalent health issues.

Awareness About Communicable Diseases: Comprehensive information and resources were disseminated to raise awareness about communicable diseases, empowering the community with knowledge to mitigate their spread.

Wellness Activities: In a bid to promote holistic health, participants engaged in invigorating yoga sessions, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Ayushman Golden Card Generation: Ayushman Golden Cards were generated, ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare services for the beneficiaries.

ABHA ID Card Creation: Noteworthy progress was made in the creation of ABHA ID cards, a critical tool for efficient healthcare service delivery, and seamless access to government healthcare schemes.

The directives of the Mission Director of the National Health Mission, Ladakh, Dr Motup Dorje played a pivotal role in orchestrating this healthcare spectacle. The Ayushman Bhav Campaign, as a nationwide healthcare endeavor, reaffirms its commitment to making accessible and affordable healthcare services available to every citizen.


The Weekly Health Mela epitomized the holistic spirit of healthcare by integrating preventive measures, awareness, and enhanced access. It not only addressed existing healthcare challenges but also laid the foundation for a healthier and more resilient Ladakh.

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