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Collaborative Efforts to Promote Voter Awareness in Drass


Collaborative Efforts to Promote Voter Awareness in Drass

Drass, 08-05-2024
Assistant Returning Officer Drass, Mr. Vishal Atri (KAS), in collaboration with the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) team from Kargil, led by Mr. Gh Rasool, and the esteemed faculty and students of Government Degree College Drass, embarked on a concerted effort to enhance voter awareness in the region.

The collaborative initiative received commendation from Dr. Amjad Ali Principal of Government Degree College Drass, who lauded the consistent efforts of the SVEEP team and highlighted the pivotal role played by Mr. Vishal Atri (KAS) AERO ,and Gh Rasool SVEEP incharge Kargil and Sajad HussainAssistant Prof Environment Science, SVEEP Convenor at Government Degree College Drass, along with Ms. Shabana Parveen, college ambassador.

The program commenced at the new college campus and extended its outreach to Manman Top, encompassing various activities aimed at fostering a culture of active citizenship and electoral participation among the community.

Through engaging sessions and interactive campaigns, the collaborative efforts endeavored to empower citizens with knowledge about their voting rights and responsibilities, thereby promoting democratic values and ensuring inclusive participation in the electoral process.
The program’s multi-faceted approach, spanning from educational sessions to on-ground campaigns, reflects a comprehensive strategy aimed at equipping citizens with the requisite knowledge and awareness to exercise their voting rights effectively. By extending its outreach to remote areas like Manman Top, the initiative ensures inclusivity and accessibility, thereby democratizing access to information and participation in the electoral process.

Overall, the collaborative efforts in Drass serve as a testament to the collective resolve towards strengthening the democratic fabric of the region. Such initiatives not only empower citizens but also contribute towards building a more informed, engaged, and participatory society

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