Haiyat-e- Fatimia celebrates Eid at Az-Zahra (SA) Girls Home


Haiyat-e- Fatimia celebrates Eid at Az-Zahra (SA) Girls Home

Kargil, March 6, 2022

On the ongoing series of Eids in the holy month of Sha’ban, Haiyat-e-Fatimia, the Women wing of Anjuman e Jamiatul Ulama Isna Asharia Kargil celebrated Eid on 6th March, 2022 at Az-Zahra Girls Home Thang Kargil with religious fervor and gaiety. Hundreds of women joined the Eid ceremony.

The chief guests on the occasion were Hajia Razia Wijdani & Dr. Nasreen Fatima Kacho. Besides Gen Secretary Az Zahra Mr. Mohd Hussain Shabani, students of Az Zahra & students of Jamiatul Batool with staff members, executive members of Haiyat Fatimia, Advocate Zareena Banoo, Hajia Fiza Nasiri, Hajia Roqia Zairy, Hajia Zahra Mir, Zainab Banoo, Chocho Roqia & many other women were present on the occasion.

The Hay’at Fatimia organizes Eid every year at Az-Zahra Girls Home in order to encourage the students of the institute.

The speakers highlighted the significance of Eid and the role of Holy infallibles in our day to day life & eulogies were too recited on the occasion.

Meanwhile, a strong protest was held against the ongoing Hijab Controversy in Karnataka.

During the protest, showing anger slogans were raised against Karnataka Government and expressed support with the HIJABI GIRLS of Karnataka College.

Haiyat-e-Fatimia appealed Government to stop Ban of Hijab and said Indian Constitution allows freedom to practice any religion without curbing basic rights. Advocate Zareena & Hajia Roqia Zairy during the protest said that they would never tolerate anything against their fundamental right especially Hijab.

#HijabOurRight #Hijabrow #Karnataka #GovernmentofIndia

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