Mass Cutting of Trees in Suru Valley, an adverse impact on the environment.


Mohd Toha a Retired Sub inspector writes

Mass Cutting of Trees in Suru Valley.
Thousands of trees mostly local Poplars, willows and other species lined up along both sides of the Zanskar- Kargil NWH were seen red marked by the concerned department to be cut down for widening of the road.

The mass Cutting of these trees at Zanskar Kargil road which are the oxygen producing factors in the entire area will have an adverse impact on the environment.

With the minimum trend of snowfall every winter and total absence of rain fall for the last few decades, the mass cutting of trees will further cause to lack of the contributive resources for the depleting ecosystem in the area.

It is a matter of concern if immediate compensory measures for afforestation is not undertaken to maintain the environment.
It is humbly requested and suggested to kindly persuade the concerned farmers for new plantation out of the same trees the concerned department is intended to cut down in the coming days. Sanction of monetary incentives for afforestation will help contain the adverse effect of environment due to mass Cutting of these trees.

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