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Purig Cultural and Literary Society Kargil Hosts Day-Long Cultural and Literary Seminar at Zgang Pashkum to celebrate Mendoq rGyaspa


Purig Cultural and Literary Society Kargil Hosts Day-Long Cultural and Literary Seminar at Zgang Pashkum to celebrate Mendoq rGyaspa

KARGIL, JUNE 15 : The Purig Cultural and Literary Society (PCLS) Kargil, in collaboration with the villagers of Pashkum, today organised a cultural and literary seminar at Zgang Pashkum to celebrate the age old tradition Mendoq rGyaspa.  

Acting Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) of Kargil, Kacho Mohd Feroz was the chief guest beside prominent personalities, Prominent literary figures, Haji Baqir Naqdoo, Kacho Asfandyar Khan,Agha Hadi Shah,Haji Hussain Pashkyumpa and senior citizens,villagers, students from Government Higher Secondary School Pashkum, GHS Pashkum, Upright Public School Pashkum and Government Middle School Pashkum, among others attended the programme.  

In his address, the Acting CEC emphasised the need to preserve and celebrate the region’s rich culture, language, art, history, and ethnic foods. He highlighted the pride that should be taken in the local heritage and extended his gratitude to the PCLS for organizing such an important event in Pashkum. He underscored the advocacy for the inclusion of the Purigi language in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, stressing its significance for cultural preservation.  

The Acting CEC also provided updates on developmental projects in his constituency. He announced that the construction of an indoor stadium and a multi-purpose ground in Pashkum A will commence this year, recognising the role of sports in youth development alongside education. Further, he informed that under the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme, he proposed the preservation of Khardon Khar, with a viewpoint and cafeteria set to be established by the year’s end to enhance tourism and cultural appreciation in the area.  

Various self-help groups from the village set up stalls at the seminar, showcasing traditional foods and historical artifacts, offering attendees a glimpse into the rich culture of Kargil.

Literary experts at the seminar shed light on the illustrious history of Pashkum in particular and the Purig Kargil in general. Speakers highlighted the paramount importance of preserving its cultural heritage.  

The speakers presented Folk tales, Folks tales with the historical reference of Pashkyum, Purigi Short stories and riddles which enthralled the audience and caught their curiosity to know more about the local history and culture.
The program concluded with vote of thanks from the host organization PCLS.

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