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Tommorow on 07-01-2023 (Saturday) there shall be No Movement of Vehicular Movement through Zojila axis.*


*District Police Kargil*

*Traffic Advisory for dated 7th January 2023 (Saturday).

*Kargil Srinagar road*:-*Tommorow on 07-01-2023 (Saturday) there shall be No Movement of Vehicular Movement through Zojila axis.*
Due to prediction of bad weather conditions and snowfall in Zojila pass by Meteorological Department, Road has been declared Red by the Road Clearing Agency due to which No Vehicles shall be allowed through Zojila axis.

*Kargil Zanskar Road*
Subject to fair weather and good road condition, only one way traffic from *Zanskar towards Kargil shall be allowed upto 1100hrs from TCP Skygam*.
After cut-off timing no vehicles shall be allowed from TCP Skygam (Zanskar)
*Due to frost condition and snow breeze in Penzila there are apprehensions of avalanches especially in afternoon. Moreover No Vehicle shall be allowed to pass Penzila axis without anti-skid Chains.* Travellers are also advised to carry Shovel, soil filled bags, first aid, drinking water and packed food also. Minimum use of brakes is also advisable. Keeping in view snow wind breezes at Penzila and in order to ensure safety of passengers commuters are advised to reach Panikhar in time with Anti-skid chains.
*For any help*
*Dial* *112* (ERSS)
PCR Kargil 8491938293
PCR Kargil 9541902330
PCR Karigil 9541902331
TCU Kargil 8899670906
TCU Leh 8082863919
SHO PS Kargil 9797951951
SHO PS Drass 9906977868
SHO PS Zanskar 9419629929
SHO Panikhar 9797275030
SO Traffic Drass 9469450792
I/C PP Minamarg 7006728085
ICPP Rangdum 6006094761

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Tomorrow on 6th January 2023 (Friday) only One way traffic shall be allowed on Zojila axis from Sonamarg towards Kargil subject to fair weather and road clearance by BRO

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