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Training cum Workshop Conducted for Teachers and Management members


Training cum Workshop Conducted for Teachers and Management members

Board of Management MPS Goma conducts one day training session today on 12-05-2024 for the teachers and management.    

In the first session Dr.Mohd Ali talked about various initiatives regarding improvement of curriculum setup.Initiatives involving activity and skill development were to be focused to improve the overall development of the school.Further he talked about introduction of happiness sessions,honesty corner,and activity chart corner.    

In the second session Resource person Andaleeb talked about pedagogies,class room management,ECCE and NEP.He stressed on the active involvement of teachers in bringing the potential from the students.
General Secretary of the school Haji Gulzar Hussain Danish hoped that the training is one of the initiatives to lift the educational setup of the school and reiterated that such initiatives will be a focus in future as well and hoped that the teachers take benefit of such trainings as much as possible and will implement in a daily classroom situations.
Moreover,the school unvialed the weekend uniform of the school in the form of track suits.  

The session was concluded with lunch for the participants and a group photo session.

At last all the participants thanked the Management for taking such initiative for conducting such valuable sessions.

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