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GDC Kargil holds talk on archaeological site Yoqma Kharboo


GDC Kargil holds talk on archaeological site Yoqma Kharboo


Department of History and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Unit GDC Kargil hold talk on archaeological site Yoqma Kharboo famously known as ‘Api Stringjhangmoe Baho’.

The cave is renowned for number of human skeletal bones and rock art therein. A team of experts namely Quentin Devers from France, Dr Vena Mushrif and Dr Sonam Dolma from Deccan College of Postgraduate and Research Institute, Pune, Maharashtra addressed the session. The team was welcomed by Assistant Professor, Archo Fatima Nisa.

In his talk on topic titled ‘The Cave of the Old Lady Spider in Yoqma Kharbu’ Quentin Devers threw light on the objectives and idea behind the exploration of the cave which has historical and archaeological remains in form of human bones and rock art to reconstruct the history of the area.

Dr Sonam Dolma, PhD scholar told the audience about the survey methods, the process of collection and assessment.

Dr Veena Mushrif briefed the session about the analytical techniques being used to find out the age, sex, stature and biological profiles of each and every bone recovered from the cave. It was enlightened by the team that size and texture of the bones indicate the presence of human bones of all ages.

A question-answer session was also held on the occasion. The session concluded with vote of thanks by Assistant Professor, Dr Azra Khatoon.

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