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GDC Kargil Organizes One-Day Exposure Tour to Karith (Red Sand Village)


GDC Kargil Organizes One-Day Exposure Tour to Karith (Red Sand Village)

KARGIL, 18 MAY : Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry organized a one-day exposure tour for 4th
semester students to Karith village, a geographically unique area serving as a prime study site.
The excursion aimed to provide students with firsthand experience in conducting on-site water and soil analysis.
The tour was Led by Tundup Namgail, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, and Dr. Lobzang Tashi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, the tour commenced with assessments of key parameters such as pH, temperature, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),
Electrical Conductivity (EC), and more.

The students actively participated in the analysis and collected soil and water samples for further analysis at the college laboratory.
The tour provided an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge
in a practical setting while conducting real-time testing of water and soil allowed them to grasp the complexities of environmental analysis firsthand.
Following the analytical sessions, students trekked through valley and visited artificial
glacier (also known as Ice Stupa) where they gained insights into innovative water
conservation techniques and climate change mitigation strategies.

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