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Govt. Degree College Drass Celebrates the International Biodiversity Day.


Govt. Degree College Drass Celebrates the International Biodiversity Day.

Drass, May 22, 2024 – The Govt. Degree College (GDC) Drass proudly celebrated International Biodiversity Day on May 22, 2024, under the esteemed leadership of Principal Dr. Amjad Ali Abbasi. The event, themed “Be Part of the Plan,” aimed to raise awareness about the significance of biodiversity conservation and the urgent need for collective action.

Dr. Imtiyaz Hussain, Assistant Professor of Botany, spearheaded the proceedings of the program by shedding light on the essence of biodiversity and its paramount importance, particularly with respect to Ladakh region. His insightful discourse laid the foundation for understanding the pivotal role biodiversity plays in sustaining ecosystems and life on our planet.  

Assistant Professor of Geology, Syed Rizvi, captivated the audience with a comprehensive presentation elucidating the critical role of biodiversity and strategies for its conservation. With meticulous detail, he threw light on the factors contributing to biodiversity loss, including habitat destruction, over-exploitation, and the introduction of alien species. He also spoke about the ways of biodiversity conservation.

Another faculty member, Dr. Jahangirr Magray, delved into an exploration of significant species and their profound impact on ecosystem dynamics. He also provided a poignant reflection on the historical context of mass extinctions and the one which is ongoing due to anthropogenic activities. He underscored the importance of prioritizing natural products over non-biodegradable alternatives.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Sajjd Hussain, highlighted the intricate interdependence of species and eloquently articulated the religious perspective on biodiversity conservation. He emphasized how safeguarding biodiversity ultimately ensures the preservation of humanity itself.

In closing, Madam Kaneez Fatima expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the faculty members who contributed their insights to the event, as well as to the students and attendees for their active participation and engagement.

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